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Craig Field Industrial Park welcomes new director

The Craig Field Airport and Industrial Park Board welcomed the newly chosen executive director Jim Corrigan at a meet and greet on Tuesday morning.

“I remember a few months ago coming into this same board room getting ready to go through a transition,” said James Mitchell, the chairman of the board. “We were going to go through the interview process and we knew we were going to find someone who would not only carry on with the traditions of the board, but also take us to new heights.”

Corrigan replaces Menzo Driskell, who recently announced his retirement

“We know that was a tough task,” said Mitchell. “I’m very pleased on behalf of the board to present the next executive director.

“He (Corrigan) comes from very impressive credentials,” said Mitchell. “He is a resident of Dallas County, and he is a graduate of the training program from Craig, and has been a base commander of numerous flight squads.”

Corrigan also retired from Delta Airlines last week.

“It is a pleasure to be part of the team,” Corrigan said. “I like to listen and I like to learn what the strengths are and what can be made better. There is nobody that knows how to make things better than people that are actually doing the job.

“I would like to use my military experience and contacts to get FAA compliance, military and industrial development. I will use those contacts to see what can be done down the road,” said Corrigan.

Corrigan said he is also going to work more with the Dallas County Economic Development Authority (EDA) to help bring business into the industrial field.

“Grants are another important thing,” said Corrigan. “We will work to see about grants for funding and building improvement and removal. I believe in communication both ways and planning ahead. It stabilizes our lives and keeps us all on the same sheet of music.”

“We had around 10 applicants,” Mitchell said. “We did not interview all of them. We looked for the qualifications we wanted including military experience and aviation experience in terms of military contacts. We have been really pushing to get some aviation related industry out here. We have three remodeled hangars just sitting here.”